Tiny Request for API

In the POST https://dynalist.io/api/v1/doc/read, I’d love for the Id to be passed back.
Hoping this might be simple on your end? :slight_smile:

Interesting. Can I ask why you need the id to be passed back? I’m guessing the callback is somewhere else and doesn’t know about the document id?

See here:

My scenario is one in which I’m fetching multiple documents in parallel, by documentIds.
I want to later correspond these fetched documents to the documentIds I fetched them with.

I’ve created a really simple work-around for this, (shown in sample).

Either way - a non-blocker for me, but I think it’s pretty standard to return identifiers in API responses, no?

Sounds pretty reasonable - I’ll add it in soon.

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It’s now added, closing this.