The work I did 3 days ago was lost

Today, when I opened Dynalist in my browser, I found that the work I had done three days ago was missing. I tried logging in again, reloading the browser, and clearing the cache, but it only reverted to the state before I started working on it three days ago. I had been working on it for several hours, and I didn’t encounter any errors when closing the browser, so I don’t believe it was a syncing issue. How can I restore the lost work?

This forum isn’t monitored by developers any more. I suggest asking in discord, if it’s not too late: Dynalist Discord chatroom

Thank you for the information.

It may be in Version History if you can get a Pro trial to check.

Do you do any edits in the phone/desktop app? Since those have offline mode, it’s easy to open them up with internet turned off, and then delete or edit a node which you think doesn’t contain anything important. But, that might have been the same old node where you began a large edit. So all that will be overwritten as soon as your internet turns on.