The Notes feature

Up to now I have not used ‘Notes’ very much. (This is accessed and left by pressing Shift-Enter. It puts additional details below a bullet and you can hide or reduce them to showing only one line when not in focus.)

The first compelling reason to use it is to hide long links. If you scroll through a lot of items, and one of them is [Short Description](really really really long link), it’s annoying to suddenly have the markdown unfold and you now need to scroll through a really really long link.

Solution: put that markup in a note, so you just see:

  • Short Description

Then as you scroll down it doesn’t expand, and only expands if you toggle into the note.

The main other use I see for this is when you are setting up a todo list and the items in Note are for commentary on the Todo item. BUT, in general I would instead to make a subitem to provide commentary. The outlining tools are much richer than the note tools, which is limited to markdown.

Do others have other thoughts on the feature?

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I often use Notes when I try to make notes from pdf files, because when you copy and paste a paragraph from pdf to Dynalist, it will break down to different items. But if you copy and paste to Notes, it will still break down but contain in one single section (I just find out if you open the pdf file in Chrome, you will not have the break down issue). And if you sync with Google Calendar, the date in the Notes will sync but not the text, so what I want to show up in the Calendar I will put it in item, and short description and date in Notes. Address and status are pretty good for it too.