The Missing Hotkeys (that you made anyway)

Often, there’s no hotkey for something, but a sequence of existing hotkeys will do the same thing. I’m talking about keyboard macros. You map a hotkey to rapidly do a bunch in order. I use BetterTouchTool on Mac and Autohotkey on Windows.

Move to top of _______
I have 10 items I use as buckets, and moving items to them is assigned to command 0-9

  1. Move item
  2. 0.05s delay
  3. Paste text “_______”
  4. 0.1s delay
  5. Return

Move item from top of list to bottom of list
This will essentially cycle a sublist, letting you read each item but procrastinate the ones you cannot deal with to the bottom

  1. Move item up
  2. Unindent
  3. Move item down
  4. Indent
  5. Go to parent
  6. Move cursor down

Speak item with Speech Synthesis

  1. Select all (this just selects the text in the item)
  2. (MacOS “Start Speaking” hotkey (I recommend picking one of the Siri voices set at 200%))

Go to root of document

  1. Go to parent
  2. Go to parent
  3. Go to parent
    (repeat 10 times or however deep your deepest nodes are)

Create a note and a wikilink to the note in one go
this is basically what Obsidian does with [[new note]] when you click it

  1. Copy link to Note
  2. Go to end of item
  3. Enter
  4. Paste
  5. Go to start of item
  6. Up
  7. Move item
  8. Paste “The deep item you want to store all your new wikilinked notes in”
  9. Enter
  10. Enter

For Linux: Autokey

Could you expand a little one your last example?

Some topics are big, so I don’t like the nested list taking up the visual space in my main work area, so I link to the node instead. The hotkey transforms the text into a link to a new node, buried somewhere else. Same idea as linking a non-existant page in Notion or Obsidian, but I wanted the same paradigm in Dynalist too. As you can see the link has no child nodes, so it doesn’t take up much visual space in the main area when I expand-all.

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