The best dynalist keyboard now available on any android device

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I finally had to move away from my wonderful but dieing Blackberry Priv (Blackberry PRIV, the perfect dynalist phone) and am once against stuck with a standard software keyboard on android. As a dynalist fiend this has been a hard transition!

However, while using the priv I discovered that, amazingly, the blackberry software keyboard is almost as good as the physical one, and I think it is the best android keyboard out there, but even more so for dynalist, principally because there is an option to turn the ?123 key into a fully functioning ‘ctrl’ key - this means you can use all your dynalist shortcuts on android. The keyboard has loads of other great features like shift+backspace = delete forwards rather than the usual backwards, a great editing page, a customisable(!) punctuation/number-pad page, baked-in text expansion and excellent prediction, correction (turn it up to ‘Very Strong’) and swipe functions - it’s really far ahead of the others in my opinion - blackberry have been making phone keyboards for a long time so I think they brought everything they learned from hardware to their software keyboard.

Now, normally this isn’t available on normal android phones - however some nice person has created a ‘blackberry manager’ app which is an apk you install on your phone and it acts like a mini playstore for blackberry apps - installing the latest version and telling you when there’s an update etc.

It all works perfectly - I have the keyboard installed on my Oneplus 6T now and can move dynalist items up down, indent, outdent, complete, go to note, move, open, send to inbox, etc etc etc all using my little ctrl key … woop!

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Cool! Thanks for sharing, I will definitly try it.

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Jealous iPhone user here.


Thank you. Will give it a try.

Thanks Stephen. This has litterally made all the difference for me. Letting me have access to awesome features like Expand/collapse all, flat search, search all files and more on mobile.