Text expansion

I have always found text expanding apps to be very helpful and I used to use TextExpander on my Mac extensively.

Since moving the majority of my work to Dynalist, however, a platform specific text expansion app no longer suits my needs. I use Dynalist on a Mac (Safari), iPad (Safari), iPhone (app), but mainly on a Chromebook (Chrome).

Text expansion within Dynalist could solve this problem. It could work a little like cmd-k auto-formats links.

I could envisage a special Dynalist list that contains the title and text to be expanded. The trigger key could be user-defined. The list might look like this, using “;;” as a trigger.

;;imply Imply/Infer

  • Be careful not to confuse the words “imply” and “infer”. Remember, the speaker implies, the listener infers.
    • The judge strongly implied that he would impose the harshest possible sentence.
    • The defendant inferred from the judge’s words that he was in serious trouble.

Everything after the trigger “;;imply” would be expanded, respecting the formatting and hierarchy of the text expansion list.

I think something like this could work cross-platform and be very useful in a variety of situations.



Given that this suggestion has not got any traction so far, does anyone have a suggestion of how something like this could be achieved outside Dynalist?