Template Examples For Work Productivity?

So I’ve scoured this forum, done the tutorial multiple times, read many, many of the help docs, searched online, checked youtube…and I am not finding examples or templates for daily/weekly/monthly workflow and task managment for small businesses (tons for notetaking or outlining though).

Do you have one you could share? Or could you point me in the right direction?

This would be HUGE for me as I do not want to start with a blank sheet, I want a template to work off of so I don’t carry any bad habits forward from workflowly, which I was using before.

Pretty excited about this platform.

This would be HUGE for me as I do not want to start with a blank sheet, I want a template to work off of so I don’t carry any bad habits forward from workflowly, which I was using before.

I’m curious. What bad habits do you think you had using Workflowy?

Dynalist really is a blank page, and there’s no wrong way to use it. Look at “bullet journal” subreddits for good ideas.

I’ll give my personal methods. And they come from a decade of trying out a hundred different “to do list/workflowy-esque” apps, huge templates, minimal templates, hundreds of hours of tinkering, coding, etc. I have settled into my current dynalist methods for over a year, which is probably the longest I’ve gone on one platform. So, as simple as my methodology sounds, a lot of experiences lead to it.

For tasks with dates, I write a date with the ! operator on an item, and it stays in sync with google calendar. It’s a pro feature I think, but very worth it. I then use google calendar for alerts and schedules. Within dynalist, I generally hit the “move” hotkey and send them all to a node called calendar, and then “sort by date”.

For task management, I have an inbox to triage new items. “Dynalist Companion clipper” is a must have. It even works with gmail (as long as youre in the mode where each email retains a unique URL even when archived). I usually use google assistant to vocally add things otherwise. When Google Assistant hears a trigger word it connects to the dynlist API and inserts what I said into the correct node. I have Google Assistant on my smartwatch and smart speakers. Then, once a day, I clear out the inbox by moving things to categories with priority numbers. Using a quick hotkey. These are arbitrary but I call them s1 for shopping list, f1 for free time (stuff that can be procrastinated a long time), w1 for my job, t1 for thoughts and philosophies, n for today. The today items are permanantly on display on a amazon tablet i taped to my wall, in a bigger font i can see from afar. It just keeps me from forgetting what im doing.

Within each category are lower priority nodes. Within s1 is s2, within s2 is s3, all the way down to s5, the lowest priority. So, as I go thru the s1 items, I “move” some down to s2 if they aren’t as important. This keeps me only working on the most vital tasks, and not getting lost in the weeds. “Move” for me means typing command-S s2 ENTER. If I am moving another item to the last used place I can just hit command-S ENTER.

Apart from that, there are various philosophical things from the “Getting Things Done” book cult, like if something takes 2 minutes or less, do it immediately, etc. These are behavioural but it’s all related. There’s a bunch of “cult classic” books about productivity you might want to skim before settling on a random template that will just fall apart.

That’s about it. It’s really not complicated, and I prefer that. A big template document would just slow me down, personally.


Thanks for sharing :wink:

Agreed. One seemingly trivial thing which gives me pleasure is right-clicking on selected text and copying to Dynalist. Just does it, no confirmation, and quotes the source as well.

Great question. To be honest, when I started using Workflowy, I just threw everything in there. Very little organization or thought given to structure prior to inputting tasks/planning/info. Imagine a jackson pollock painting but for your daily life. Workflowy is an excellent tool, for sure, but you better have systems set up prior to using it IMO due to the lack of separate documents and folders.

This is genius feedback, thank you so much for sharing. Great tip on the “bullet journal” sub eddits, I literally just put that in my inbox on Dynalist.

I am using google calendar with dynalist, did not know you could sort by date. Super basic I know, but work with me here ha ha.

The dynalist companion clipper has been a gamechanger for me. Literally all my open browser tabs, google keep notes, etc went in there. The google assistant hack is next level - WOW. Soooo awesome. I will research how to set this up, as I often have ideas I need to get into a “planner” ASAP for the nature of my work. The amazon tablet in the workspace is also a good idea. Never thought of that.

Totally get your take on the GTD cult; I read that book many years ago, as well lots of others. Hence my journey from Franklin Covey planners, to blank sheets of paper with to do lists, to many other physical planners (5 minute journal, etc) to random assemblages of google calendar, google keep, OneNote, scattered Notepad text files, you name it.

Having read your post several times, I am realizing how right you are - “a big template document would just slow me down”.

Prior to this, I was strongly considering using a Notion template that did look pretty cool…but it seemed sorta complex and probably would have slowed me down. At this point I am very happy with Dynalist and thrilled by the inbox/documents/folders.

Thanks again for your info

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I cannot get the webclipper to work in Firefox v109.0.1 even if I open the email in a separate window and right-click to select “Clip current page URL to Dynalist.” Does this option still work or is there another means of getting the exact email URL?

BigChungus answered this on Discord, but for the benefit of others here, gmail needs to be in non split mode view for clipper to work.

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