Taps to edit line-items frequently ignored near links & tags (iOS iPad & Android)

Hiya, extensive pro-subscriber here. Had the pleasure of using DynaList on a cross-country trip, using Windows, MacOs, iOS, and Android.

I frequently found that single and double taps to edit line-items, most notably on iOS using an iPad Pro, and occasionally an Android phone, resulted in… nothing.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a new bullet in a list of similarly formatted bullets
  • Type something like: “Text goes here: [Text for a link](a fairly long URL goes here) // #tag1 #tag2 #tag3
  • Navigate between a few bullets, or move to another App like Reddit or Chrome
  • Tap the screen (or double tap) to edit the previously created line-item

Expected result

I would expect to be able to edit the line item

Actual result

Absolutely nothing, almost as if the app is frozen.
I keep tapping, getting closer and farther away from the end of the line and the linked text… and every now and then… it might work. Or it might not work… no way to edit the bullet. So I will then close all the bullets, refresh the app, maybe close it and restart it… go back to the bullet, and… it will work again. But not sure why.

My best guess (though I don’t have evidence) is that… because whenever you tab into a link… the app expands the link-text to markup-text, that the resulting tap-targets to change accordingly? Or break entirely?

Overall, being unable to reliably know where to tap to edit a line with a link instead of going to the link proved very time-consuming.


iOS - Dynalist native Client & Chrome browser (very frequent)
Android - native Client and Chrome browser (sometimes)
Does not appear to happen on OSX or Windows

Version was up-to-date as of 5/27/2018 at the time of repro, verified no additional updates available.

Additional information

Anything else you think would help our investigation, like a screenshot or a log file? You can drag and drop screenshots to this box. For large amount of text, try putting them into something like Pastebin.

Additional comments

It’d be great if tap-targets could be more obvious/reliable for lines containing a combination of text, markup, links, and tags.

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Really sorry for the late reply, @inakarmacoma!

If I’m understanding it correctly, this only happens for formatting bullets? In other words, if a bullet has no formatting at all, you can reliably tap into it?

Yes, this happens on android often. Dynalist feeezes when trying to edit an item with formatting or a link in it.

Hi Erica,

Thanks for the reply. Really an honor to chat directly with the developer of such an awesome program.

I believe the scenarios most resulting in this behavior have been:

  • Text with a link: x
  • Text with bold: x
  • Text with link and bold:
    Subject:Title // #tag

Unsure whether line-length, and/or proximity of the above formatting options to line-wrapping would impact.

I’m not 100% certain whether no formatting items can be reliably tapped into. I did perceive the behavior to be flaky. And sometimes restarting the app would fix it. But perhaps some of the flaky behavior could have been my clicking on lines without formatting. Not sure.

Hope this helps.