Tag Cloud / Combined Tag Search Link

I would like to be able to create a combined tag search LINK.
So for instance, a TAG COMBINATION link that would enter the search criteria #123 OR #345 OR #678.

Would sure be nice to be able to create Tag Clouds like that that will include many RELATED tags in one.
Maybe this is already possible?

I answered my own question: After typing in your desired search terms and/or tags, you can then copy the URL which contains the exact “cloud/combo” of terms and/or tags which you can the link within your document. Beautiful! What a powerful tool ! :slight_smile:

Yes, or you can bookmark yourself inside Dynalist too! That way you can even access it in the Ctrl+O quick finder.

Oh I can’t picture it right now. Could you give me an example of what you mean?

After searching the tag, there should be an empty star icon to the left of the search bar, and you can click on that to bookmark this search for later.

This might or might not be better than copying the URL, depending on your use case, but I guess I’ll just throw it out there :slight_smile: