Tab title for bookmarks

When you select a bookmark, it would be great if the title in the browser tab changed to reflect the bookmark name. This would be very convenient when opening multiple browser tabs with different views of the data.

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Hmm, this is a bit hard to do, and the reason is that if you go to the bookmarked location without using the bookmark (just normal navigation), does it still show the bookmark title? Or should it show the original title?

The “bookmark” idea we had is very similar to how bookmarks work in browsers. No matter what you name your bookmark, the opened tab still shows the page title.

In the meantime, you might want to use the Chrome extension 4 Smart Shortcuts to link with most commonly used bookmarks.

I think the expectation would be that it would show the bookmark title. If you’re simply recalling the link, I realize that this would be tough. (I’m also a s/w engineer). The only thing I could think of (keep in mind I’m a back-end services engineer, not a UI engineer) would be to have the web page match the combination of conditions with a particular title.

So something like (psuedocode):
var hashTableBookmarks = { { "conditions": "abc", title="blah" } { "conditions": "xyz", title="blahblah" } }; var listItem = findConditionsInList(currentCondition, hashTableBookmarks); if (listItem != null) { window.title = listItem.title; }
Probably not worth the effort for what you get, just an idea I was throwing out there.

Dynalist rocks… seriously

Sorry I used the wrong word in my earlier reply. I didn’t mean it’s hard to do technically, in fact it’s pretty straight-forward, but it might create surprises.

For example, if I have an item called “Today todos” and I bookmarked it as “Todo”. From what I understand, you want this item to always have “Todo” in the browser title. This can create a surprise though, because the person might not have navigated to “Today todos” using the bookmark. Also, it creates a bit inconsistency, as all other items are just titled after their content.

I guess the design question here is that whether bookmarked items should be treated specially, or are bookmarks merely shortcuts to access that item, and there’s nothing special about them otherwise. Currently the latter is intended. It’s not technical hard to do, but it does require us to change our current assumptions, which is why we’re reluctant about the change. I understand there are some benefits, but they don’t strike me as significant improvements.

I hope I made myself clear this time! :slight_smile:

I agree. Probably not worth the risk. Good points about unintended consequences.

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