Syntax Highlighting on Code Blocks doesn't appear to be working

Hi. I’m trying to get syntax highlighting on a code PHP block. I’ve wrapped it in 3 back ticks and the code block is part of a note and not an item as instructed. However I just get standard inline code block instead of a highlighted code block appropriate for PHP. Can anyone spot what I’m doing wrong? I’ve included a couple of screenshots below

Replace the first line with “```php” and it should work.

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Same problem I’m afraid @Erica although now I get the letters “php” in the code block.

Gavin, I tried including PHP code in both the title and note of a node and both rendered normally. How are you running Dynalist (e.g. web browser, Windows desktop app, etc.)? Is it possible you’re using an older desktop version that hasn’t been updated in a while?

Hi @Craig_Oliver thanks for the input but still nothing is working. I must be doing something wrong if you have no problems. I’ve included a video of my tring to get your code block to work in an item note but still no joy. Doesn’t matter where I put the back ticks or where I put ‘php’. The result is always a non-highlighted block of code. I’m using the mac desktop app and I only started using dynalist a couple of days ago.

Any more help or pointers you can give would be greatly appreciated.

@Erica @Craig_Oliver … think I may have discovered a bug. It works perfecectly well on the dynalist Web App… I apply the same to the mac app and this is the only time I get problems. How do I submit a bug report?


@Erica @Craig_Oliver … okay Craig you were RIGHT! Hehe… I assumed I was running the latest version because I’ve only installed it a few days ago but on looking closer the installer was an old installer. Maybe time to update that?

Anyways downloaded the update (which ought to be the version that gets installed IMHO) and restarted and all is well. Thanks so much for your help and watching my rantings haha. Have a great day! Now onto sorting my life out with Dynalist!


Hi Erica!
Is there a list of the languages supported by Dynalist?

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Thank you so very much!
That answers my query. :blush: