Synching of Website and App destroys list items

Steps to reproduce

  1. install dynalist app on phone
  2. write something without internet on dynalist app
  3. write something different on PC on dynalist website
  4. connect phone to internet
  5. Synchronize phone and computer simultaneously

Expected result

The list items of phone and pc will be integrated into one new list.

Actual result

in my case only the thing written on the app was kept. Which is quite annoying because i wrote quite some things on the pc.


Windows 10 and android.
Firefox browser
version number of app not found anywhere inside the app
no 3rd party scripts

Additional comments

awesome app otherwise!

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Sorry for the late reply.

Did you happen to have deleted some bullets on mobile that you may have written under (as child items) on PC? I think this might have happened if you wrote under some item, then deleted that item on mobile, not knowing that it had child items elsewhere.

Since we store the version history, it can usually recovered as long as the items have synced before they were deleted. Email support if you need a few days of Pro to access the version history feature.