My 14 days pro trial has expired.
My iOS dynalist does not sync with my Desktop.
Is sync only a pro version feature?

Sync works for all users. See Pricing for more details.

Thank you for you answer.

At the moment there seem to be no sync between my desktop app -linux- and my ios app.

also for some unclear reason dynalist did no automatic save of document and I have had a loss of three document in the last few days.

Any suggestions - especially the syncing issues, will be welcomed.


I should also add that dynalist on my linux seems suddenly not to close down.
the only way to close dynalist is via xkill or kill pid which then causes the document to disappear.

It might be helpful for you to know that all the above strarted after I done a big re arranging of my folders.

Also I have reinstalled dynalist on both my Desktop and my iphone

hope it helps and hope you can help.
this is a real bummer if dynalist does not work

I have never read about any sync issues like this. (maybe a rare server issue or two but that data was also recovered, not sure so don’t quote me on it)

I don’t actually use any of the dynalist apps. I always have Chrome tab open on desktop and a custom tab (which acts as an app) on Android. Nothing against the apps, just that browser tabs usually have spell check enabled.

I’m sure one of the administrators will look into it. I think @Erica is one.

Thanks for your reply
I filed it as a bug as well
see what happens.
As it is now - i have no usage of dynalist which is a real bummer as i enjoyed using it