Sync todos with external task manager like ToDoist

Where organising and braindumping al kind of information is great within DynaList, the lake of task management makes it hard to use it for everything. So, it would be great to have the ability to sync the todo’s within all the documents with a task management tool like ToDoist (which lake all the other features) but is perfectly to have the overview of all tasks and the ability to great all kind of reminders.


I’d love to see this feature as well. I likewise use ToDoist. It would be awesome to have some sort of implementation where when I mark something with perhaps a special tag or set of tags and then have those items link up with ToDoist (and then when I cross it off in ToDoist have it do likewise in Dynalist??).

I use the ToDoist widget on my phone as I like to have my todo items right in front of me. As much as I love Dynalist, it’s just not conducive to using as a todo application. Yes, I can project manage from Dynalist and make lists of todo items, but as far as quickly viewing and managing those items, well, I don’t feel it’s really made for that. Outside of my phone, I also use Mailbird for my email client and it has ToDoist integration. I much prefer to manage my todo items from either my phone widget/app or my email client. It’s easier than opening up Dynalist every time. I currently end up manually adding entries to ToDoist which is a bit tedious.

Maybe some sort of integration with Google Task and Reminders as well would be nice. I know Dynalist works with Google Calendar, but I prefer to reserve my calendar for events and appointment vs having my todo items in an actual todo/task oriented application.

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I suggested an API improvement that might help with the syncing issue.

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I got here looking for this feature to see if I wanted to upgrade. Hope that helps Dynalist prioratize this feature!

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me either; but it seems Dynalist lost the quick development of useful features where they where outstanding in the beginning compared to Workflowy. Currently it seems to be almost the same speed in improvements