Sync Errors on android, web, mac, and iOS devices

I use multiple devices to write. When I walk I use Andorid. When I wake up I read and make notes on iPad. While working I use web / mac version. So it’s daily routine to me to add notes or edit the same node. Dynalist had SO MANY sync errors I can’t count them, so I just switched back to the workflowy + simplenote.
Don’t ask me to reproduce sync issues! Just edit same nodes from multiple devices, offline and then connect them to the wifi and see how some notes are overwritten. This was not good.

workflowy, simplenote and google docs always syncs nice after multiple offline edits. I dunno maybe you can ask Automattic for the fix ideas since they’re into open-source.

sync errors mostly happen after offline edits and simultaneous edits. Sometimes waitng for 15-30 seconds is needed to see errors appearing.

What are they overwritten to? If device A changes an item to “hello” and then later device B changes it to “world”, the content will be “world” and not “hello world”, just want to set the expectation straight.

You don’t have to necessarily provide the full repro steps, other things would help too. In your case, could you give me the simplest example of the “sync error” that you keep mentioning? For example, what was the original content of the item? How did you change it and what do you expect to happen? What happened instead?

I’ll provide a template if the above is unclear to you:

The original item is “hello”.
I changed it to “hello kitty” on my Android phone.
I changed it to “hello world” on my iPad, which is offline.
Later when my iPad has internet, the item changed to “hello kitty”, even though I edited on the Android phone first and later on iPad.

In addition, things like what language do you write in if it’s not English, do you use special characters and emojis, what country are you in… all of those details help (e.g. some users are in China and connections get blocked by the Great Firewall pretty often).

Thanks in advance!

If for any reason you don’t want to provide more details, I respect that. Unfortunately we can’t do anything in that case.

Given the information we have right now, it’s probably an edge case that needs a lot of debugging, since most users use Dynalist on multiple devices and I haven’t heard any reports of sync errors recently. (If you have run into them, don’t hesitate to comment on this post and tell us about it.)