Swipe to delete on mobile broken

Steps to reproduce

Use swipe to delete an item on mobile.

Expected result

Item is deleted (or checked off if swiped right).

Actual result

Action is not performed on the item, instead it gets “stuck” on the left side of the screen. See the following: https://streamable.com/i8st5


Android 9.0, native app.

You need to confirm the action with a tap in the newest app version, and thank heavens for that! I kept accidentally deleting and losing data in Dynalist.

Perhaps this could be a user preference if you yourself don’t wish to use confirmation taps.

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Ohhh…just realized this is just the fix for the “accidental swipes”, you now have to tap the trashcan/checkbox in order for the action to be performed!

You can mark this as resolved, but I have a couple of comments:

  • It would have been great to have this communicated in the “what’s new” pop-up, as it’s a not 100% intuitive UI change, especially for people used to using the feature as it was originally designed.
  • When swiping to delete, the item is clipped on the left side of the display (see video above) which looks kind of strange and is why I thought it was a UI glitch. I wonder if it would be possible to have the item only partially shifted to the left but not fully clipped so it looks cleaner. This is a minor comment, and not really an issue now that I know what the UI is doing.

Yes, just realized that now!

Yeah, it was part of the November update, we’re going to post this to Twitter and the What’s New section very soon.

We looked at several apps that require a confirmation tap after swiping, and they all seem to clip the item in order to “give” space to the new buttons, so to speak. So I guess that’s a mobile swipe UI convention of some sort.

Makes sense, thanks! This might be more of an iOS UI pattern, as I haven’t really seen it before on Android, but that’s not an issue :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks for the awesome update!

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Thanks for being so understanding!