Support for Workflow app

Workflow is an IOS app that allows you to easily create scripts on your IOS device integrating together the inputs and outputs of different apps on your phone (basically like an iPhone version of Automator). It already supports note-taking apps like Evernote, Bear Notes, and Drafts. Would be super useful to have control over Dynalist through this, and it looks like the developers are looking for every opportunity to include new apps!

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I’m all for this too…but the reality is a native iOS app is not planned anytime soon. We can ask for Dynalist to create iOS share extensions to get data out to Workflow though.

Here is a link to the hybrid app discussion:

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What do you mean by hybrid app?

So the Trello link includes a discussion of the platform used to create mobile apps in Dynalist called Cordoba. The iOS features supported in Cordoba include Accelerometer, Camera, Compass, Contacts, File, Geolocation, Media, Network, Notification (alert, sound, vibration) and Storage.

If Dynalist created an app written in Objective C, it could include all iOS features and we’d call it a “native” app . Hybrid apps implement some or all of their client code in HTML, CSS and Javascript instead of Objective C.

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Oh I see, interesting!