Support for Webdav and Caldav

I don’t use Dropbox or Google Calendar/Drive as I keep all my data on my own server. Do you have any plans to support webdav and caldav connections? Most self hosted server solutions such as Owncloud/Nextcloud have good support for these.

Supporting these standards would widen your users’ sync/backup options.

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i just switched from google calendar to a self-hosted calDav calendar today and forgot about losing this feature. i only use it every once in a while but it would still be good to have the option at some point

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With cloud security being a hot topic, using self-hosted file services is becoming more popular.


the irony of storing backups on private server while original copy is still stored on whatever 3rd party rando cloud dynalist is using. the main copy could literally be on google servers as we speak for all we know. or AWS. Or worse, some smaller server which doesnt have the fortification of a big corporations cloud. so the backups location is the last thing to worry about.
securitys only as good as the weakest link after all
i hope they dont waste time on this conspiracy feature when theres real bugs to fix

This is why I stopped using Dynalist. I no longer use anything I don’t host myself.

There was no conspiracy here.

I would also greatly prefer self-hosting my Dynalist files.

I never mentioned backups, I’m talking about hosting the original data on my own server. Try understanding what is written before jumping in with your attitude.

That’d be cool. As far as I know there is no workflowy clone out there that you can host yourself. Trust me, a lot of engineers at a lot of fortune 500 companies clamor for such a thing on the corporate intranet forums because storing work related notes on a 3rd party server is forbidden by corporate security.

And hey - you started with “I don’t use Dropbox or Google Calendar/Drive” which, as far as I know, has only the context of backups in the dynalist world. So leave that out if you want to talk about something else as it’s going to throw people off on your meaning. Don’t blame my reading skill for your (appearently) irrelevant intro sentence.

Here’s a bigger thread on the topic, tho they arent picky about which cloud protocol True Offline Mode or Encrypted Data