Support for iPhone X


I would like to see a support for iPhone X. Right now iPhone’s screen is not fully utilized.


Hi Marko,

Thanks for the suggestion!

Unfortunately we don’t have an iPhone X for testing right now.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of how the screen is not fully utilized? Or is screenshot not useful in demoing it?

Here is a screenshot. You can see black strips in upper and lower part.

I don’t think you need one to test it. Some companies made needed changes even before iPhone X was out. I think thay use emulator in XCode.


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Thanks very much for the information, very useful!

Glad to know we can fix it with the XCode emulator. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, stay tuned!

I personally don’t use DL on iPhone too often, only for occasional reference, but I can confirm that apps that don’t use the whole iPhone X vertical space immediately feel dated and small.

At least for now, DL is in good (bad?) company, as Google has yet to update either Google Maps or Gmail for iPhone X. And yes, please use the emulator, that’s how many devs got this support for their apps ready before iPhone X ever hit the street!

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Thanks for the info, and that’s funny to know :smile:

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