Sum values of tree below

In each item, show the sum of &values below the tree.
The values that would be added can be preceded by a symbol, so that it’s clear what is to be added and what is just a number there.

  • Main item Sum = 7
    • sub item 1, whatever here &2.5
    • sub item 2, other things here &4.5
      This would be of great convenience to add up any value like task time, cost etc.

Also having a mean value would have some use.



I won’t rest until dynalist has Pivot Tables

And the pivot tables have bindings for BASIC where a hypervisor WITH garbage collection can run Doom 3

Dynalist needs to be able to compile itself.

Well it would be nice if Dynalist would have some support of the basic tables. So you could either have information in two columns for quicker access or, in this case, to have a separate column for the numeric value so you would be able to get a sum very quickly with Copy/Paste into any table processor. So while it won’t be direct implementation of OP feature - it will allow for simple substitute.

Hmm, gets me thinking computationally.

Dynalist is essentially an n-dimensional array of individual items.

Computers flatten n-dimensions of items to 1 dimension to store (along with every other data or instruction) as a string. Think {{{a1j,a2j},{a1k,a2k}},{{b1j,b2j},{b1k,b2k}}}. Somewhere deep in dynalist/workflowy’s database it is thought of this way.

With pixels you can flatten to 2d and see n-dimensions of items as a hierarchical list or as a mindmap or a tree. But not a table.

If you want a table, you can’t see any items deeper than 2 dimensions. One parent one child, in dynalist/workflowy terms. You leave deeper items out. Or you invent a holographic display and get to 3 dimensions of item cells, but not n. So a table is sort of a 2-array that lives in an item of the n-array and renders seperately.

So how would it expand to be edited, in the current WYSIWYG-less dynalist/workflowy?

You’d have to edit it in one of these two ways. Javascript would render it as a table when you click a non-table item.

renders when focus is lost to

Suddenly I wonder if @Piotr already implemented all this in their tampermonkey powerpack :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t actually have any desire to see tables in dynalist, I am just distracting myself at work with this thought puzzle.

My original proposition was in fact much simpler (aside nonsensical contamination of the thread).

If you, optionally as you do with checkboxes, could see (i.e. starting the note) the sum of the values that below the tree appear behind a special symbol (like & for example), this would be of great use for manny applications:

  • task time estimation
  • task cost estimation
  • budgeting (you could do 5&3,5 is five units of 3.5 value)
  • resource management…

I still think that it’s a simple yet powerful feature.

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Ya SUM(A1:A5) has been a powerful feature since the 1980s but I philosophically disagree that such things should be added. I want a fast, clean outliner, akin to a bullet journal in notepad.exe. The fact that there’s a 10ms delay when you click instead of a 50ms delay, while barely perceptible, things like that are the #1 feature I need for my thoughts to flow unimpeded. Stopping at SUM() is arbitrary and if you go down that path a certain audience will clamor for PRODUCT() and AVG() until you get to Pivot Tables and all the other tropes I jokingly rambled off. I think you want Project Management software like Microsoft Project or a web Excel like Google Sheets, or maybe one of the gantt charting startup apps out there. They do such things so wonderfully, and they’ve figured out the visual structures and paradigms that work for people, why force a clunky version into outliner format?

Yeah, this last opinion seems right. Dynalist is not a table structure, it’s a tree. It’s not a number cruncher it’s a text organizer. That said, the only things that make sense to me within DL are an inline markdown/latex calculator. E.g. hypothetically [calc:](5+3=)
OR, embedding another tool the way DL currently embeds pictures.

(I myself am not asking for this.)

hey, I have just suggested exactly this feature via mail-feedback :smiley: (did not know this forum existed, switched from workflowy just lately)
Workflowy does this already tho only via a bookmarklet which wont work on mobile and the function generally is neither pretty nor well readable an and awkward to use.
I’d suggest summing up times like in hours and minutes / summing up currency / summing up plain values
like: &5m, &2h, &5€, &7

Plus effect: it would add up from bottom to top parent - so at top parent you’d always see how much money/time you’d have still to invest in the whole project. Spending some time or money and checking the task off would automatically reduce the remaining time/money cause it simply not there any more :slight_smile:
so are on top of current information always.

to some extent this would make the table feature that is mentioned below not necessary - can add up values (more than one maybe) possible and can sort by value tags so fine table function already :slight_smile:

info tables however can be put by markdown into note area (github flavored markdown does that well, there’s even table gererators for the markdown code on some sites).


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Show me this magical bookmarklet

I remember hitting a brick wall with the fact that dynalist doesn’t change document changes unless you click and unclick the item, so the bookmarklet injected changes never stuck. this one here :slight_smile:

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Would love to see a way to do time estimations within Dynalist!

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