Strategic Planning, Time & Task Management, Personal Productivity


What do you recommend as the best approach to keeping planning and project information & action items together, and manageable?

a. Organize by contexts, and tag the dates
e.g. Project A (list out Goals, Task, Subtasks), Project B, etc.

b. Organize strategically by time and tag the contexts
e.g. Next 10 Years, Next 3 Years, 1 Year, This Quarter, This Month, This Week, Today

(What would be really awesome is to be able to pivot easily between the two modes!)

c. Something else entirely?

YouTube videos on how to apply Dynalist to real life problems, (vs. technical details of how to accomplish specific things within Dynalist), would be really useful.


Structure is not the main thing. Process is the main thing. Organize your information by how you plan to use it.

For example, my process is probably much different from most people. For household things I have a simple list of things to work on and nothing more. It is however a long list with about 100 items, many recurring activities. Among those things is a Tickler file (list of dated things) in which I put future stuff. I use a #m tag to highlight things I need to focus on first thing in the morning.

This structure probably would not work for you if you didn’t have a matching process to go through these tasks effectively.

For work I have a very few projects that come at me infrequently. So I make a node for each project, and in those I keep mostly sequential notes. I have an area for tasks I am working on, and under those tasks I record details as I work. I also have an area for projects I will be working on later so I only need to see current projects now. I also have an area for general information (not tasks), and an archive for things done in the past which I don’t generally have to reference regularly.

If your job was fielding inquiries from various people and needing to look stuff up, a different structure would be needed.


Have to agree with @Alan here.

The best use case is probably to develop something that seems natural to you, and keep improving it.

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys pre-defined methods, maybe take a look at the popular methods out there, like Getting Things Done or Bullet Journal.


Structure is the enemy of my mind. Structure lets things blend into the background, and they become invisible right in front of my face. If I file things away in categories, I’ll literally never look at them again. And so my list is ever morphing ever evolving always being shaken up anew. Novelty gets seen and read and done, so I keep it spicy. I go thru my list and every item i cant do, I at least rewrite in new words, so my mind digests its meaning better. Every person is different - I just want to give me perspective. I’ve been obsessed with productivity tools and philosophies for years, since 2004 at least. Keep your mind on it’s toes. I think if you google cute bullet journal pages, you’ll see how creatively people doodle every page. That’s to keep it spicy! Your mind isn’t a machine, it’s a whimsical blob that needs some lovin.