Storing information in multiple locations with mirrored changes

Hello. I’m importing my Google Docs into Dynalist. One strength in Google Drive is that it allows the user to save a Doc in more than one folder. This has special appeal if, for example, you have an education folder to store notes, but the notes are also relevant in a resources folder within a segment of a company/project/discipline.

In my case, I’m making some tough decisions about where information should be stored in Dynalist whereas in Google Drive, I had more latitude and creativity in keeping things in sometimes two locations. But I got to thinking tonight there might be others out there who’d love for information in Dynalist to be stored in more than one location—and for changes in one location to be mirrored in other locations.

If so, chime in. How have you been handling this?

Might the dynamite Dynalist team ever consider multiple locations and mirrored changes?

Thanks for creating a super application and thanks for an incredible community who’s helping shape Dynalist! :slight_smile:

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Hi Brian,

This strikes me a an odd use-case for Dynalist. I’m not saying it’s not valid, however like many others, I come from Workflowy. To me everything in Dynalist (including the folders/documents themselves) are just a single giant list. While there has been discussion before about Cloning Items, in your case, perhaps you may want to consider a less structured view of your documents. Yes you have them under one list/category, but if you use #tags to help reference other areas they may be applicable to then you can use a quick search or even link to locate the documents by category.

Personally, between tags and linking to other documents, that’s generally how I handle cyclic references rather than pure duplication.

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Thanks for sharing your perspective! You have much more experience than I do with list outliners, as this experience—all of two months with Dynalist—has been my foray with this technology.

You very well might be right in that tags and linking would suffice. I’ve made use of tags but hadn’t considered them in this context. Linking to other documents isn’t something I’ve explored.

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

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I would mainly want to use this in order to share just part of a document: I would create a new document that would only contain text copied from a subset of another document, so I can just share a portion and not the entire document. I also would not have to keep both locations updated whenever one makes a change, since the new doc would mirror all changes in the main doc.

This is the one thing that workflowy has over dynalist. They have implemented this feature recently and have been giving thought to how important this feature is to me but might make the switch as it is a special case but extremely useful in some situations as mentioned by ladywildfire. For me, I’ve taken on the hobby of creating an ontological master list that I will probably add to for the rest of my life for no real significant reason except my own of having somewhere to put down the information that I come across while reading and such for my own easy future reference. In this case many ideas and concepts show up in various disciplines. and would be truly impossible to keep updated across time.

But I also have been thinking about moving over to obsidian for this as it’s more suited to this use case with backlinking being a more fully developed feature than it is in dynalist.

Sorry for the rambling.

If you mirrored something from a different document, and dont give the friend read permission to its source, it wont show up in the document you do share with them. At least that’s how permissions typically work.

If you jusy want to share a node and it’s children, that’s a different feature . Workflowy could do that years before they ever had mirror nodes.,the%20list%20of%20shared%20people.