Stop the Windows menu bar from constantly popping up when pressing Alt


In the Windows app, there’s a menu bar that keeps popping up and disappearing over and over when I use keyboard shortcuts. Is there a way to either stop this menu from ever popping up, or to keep it permanently visible? As is, it’s shifting everything around and making Dynalist hard to use.


What is the Keyboard shortcut you are using? What windows version?


Windows 10.

I’m using ctrl+alt+l and ctrl+alt+h, which I’m remapping to “end” and “home” using autohotkey.

SendInput, +{Home}

SendInput, +{End}


Mark, this is happening because you are including the Alt key in your shortcut. Most Windows apps, including Dynalist, interpret tapping the Alt key as a menu activation. (Try your shortcut in Notepad, for example, and you’ll see the menu bar items highlighting. It’s less noticeable because the menu bar is permanently visible in Notepad.)

If possible, I recommend changing your shortcuts so you’re not including the Alt key. For example, you could use the Windows key instead of Alt. (That is # instead of !.)
Mapping Ctrl-Shift-Windows-H to Shift-Home works fine in Dynalist without popping up the menu bar:

SendInput, +{Home}

SendInput, +{End}

Hope this helps!


I see, thanks! I was hoping not to have to retrain muscle memory, but it looks like that’s inevitable.