STEPPS checklist from the book Contagious (for marketing people)


P.S. The book is pretty awesome. If you’re into marketing or psychology (or both!), give it a go!


The questions in that outline reminded me of one of my many use cases for Dynalist - Using Brian Tracy’s Mindstorming method for problem solving. Type the question or problem you are trying to solve as the top level item. Immediately zoom in. No distractions. Then list at least 20 possible solutions or ideas below it. Kind of like brainstorming but doing it alone. Don’t stop until you have at least 20 possible solutions or ideas. As he says, it is often the 20th idea that really addresses the issue. The really nice thing about Dynalist is being able to save these lists as documents in a top level “Problems” folder to revisit them as often as necessary. The magic of outlining allows you to expand on those ideas as they start to take shape.

Thank you for a great, and getting greater all the time, product!


Great use case! I definitely want to read up more on Brian Tracy’s method.

P.S. For getting 20 solutions, the numbered list feature seems handy! :slight_smile:

If you use his method yourself, maybe you can share one of your documents (if you feel comfortable, of course!) which will allow us to see the magic with a concrete example. :crystal_ball: