Start numbered bullet list from any number!

It would be more flexible if user can pick the starting number of a numbered bullet list. Micorsoft Office has this feature and it is very useful.

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I have wanted this before too, but it’s unlikely to happen - it’s too bloaty for dynalist. Workaround: complete all the items up to the number you want

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Yes, please, implement this! :pray:

I need lists of 10 items to be from 0 to 9.

Because of a code syntax reason, I am allowed to use only 1 character so I cannot use the number 10.

And in lists of 100 items, I am only allowed to use two characters, so the list runs from 00 to 99.
Using 1 to 100 list thus leaves one item out of the inventory.

For a one-character ten-number list I could translate for myself that every time Dynalist says “10”, I should use “0”. But the problem in this workaround is that item number 10 obviously appears at the end of the list, and we need it to be the first one, as it is our “0”.

So, please, let us start numbering from “0” (zero) instead of “1” (one).