Split screen

this could be very useful… I use it all the time, a tab on the left and a tab on the right…
I love it more than “tabs” because we can have tabs right from the browser.
although that also could be useful in other OS’s like android or iOS

I am a windows user, and I love Dynalist, but I was just wondering why it was starting to bug me and it is related to split screen. Actually it is simpler. I use tabs in chrome all the time, and in particular I use the “open link in new tab” feature from the right click menu. But I cannot use this within dynalist, which means I have to manually open a new tab and copy and paste the link into it. If you could make it so the zoom button was able to be opened in a new tab, that would be great! I can use the win 10 split screen feature then if needed. Anyway, this has distracted me from the task at hand, but is an essential feature imho. Thanks!

edit: I just did some more digging and found that this has already been reported as a bug here. I’m posting it in this place though as I think it is related to split screen, and two birds could be killed with one stone. Thanks again

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I would suggest to create another mode in the left pane (a la bookmarks): workspaces. This would give us option to split screen, open there different files (with option to show only zooms), and save this configuration for the future. Split screen alone is fine, but it’s still a lot to do when you’re managing different projects and you need to switch often between multiple files.

EDIT: https://www.moo.do/ has workspaces! I hope someday we will have this option too.

Thanks for the suggestion! Workspaces should be easy when split screen/multiple panes is already working. Just a matter of saving and restoring configurations.

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I like that we could have both options, I also use multiple windows, but would happily use panes - likely depending on nature of work.

If your development meant it was just as easy to drag/drop pane to pane as window to window, then adding the option to open multiple instances (for me, mainly on Windows) that would be cool.


please include vertical monitor support too, if this feature is implemented I think I would use it there the most (on my 24" monitor)


(top screen / bottom screen)

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I didnt know about vertical monitors.
you always innovating Tang :grin:

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Check out moo.do - they have nailed the paned interface - this would be a game-changer for Dynalist


in the meantime, if anyone is a fan of chrome i would highly recommend trying out vivalidi. its still new enough so it doesnt have every feature yet like bookmark sync, but it has a lot of features and customisation options that google doesnt offer. (its also based on chromium and so most extensions still work)

one feature that works nicely with dynalist is split screen option (called tab tiles) which will group 2 or more tabs and show all of them together any time you click on one of them.

you can also create a tab stack which will group together multiple tabs into 1 tab:

or you can have a combination of both options, split screen inside a tab stack:

the great thing about tab stacks is that any link you open in a new tab will stay inside the tab stack, so it cuts down on the amount of tabs you have open… which was always a major problem for me when using google’s chrome :smiley:


If you don’t want to change to a browser that allows this, you can simply create an html file with two absolutely positioned iframes side by side and set it as your home page or bookmark it.

Here’s my home page (thanks for not blocking iframes btw!)

<!doctype html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
      * {
        box-sizing: border-box;
        position: absolute;
        width: 100%;
        height: 40%;
        top: 60%;
        border: none;
        right: 0;
        height: 60%;
        top: 0;
        width: 50%;
        left: 0;
        left: 50%;

  <iframe class="dynalist" src="https://dynalist.io/#q=until%3A0d"></iframe>
  <iframe class="dynalist week" src="https://dynalist.io/#q=until%3A1w"></iframe>
  <iframe id="teamweek" src="https://app.teamweek.com/"></iframe>


just curious how do you enable tamperscript to run when using this?

I tried this and have stylish running but not tamperscript

I uploaded the .html file with dynalist uploader as well

thanks this works with both tampermonkey and stylish, really liking split screens

i think I’ll just use vivaldi for dynalist only for now

I have the same problem with chrome where I have a billion tabs open and need to suspend / collapse them over time

ive been doing the same thing myself.   i installed a second vivaldi in standalone mode and keep that just for dynalist… it uses up a lot more memory having the two browsers running but its nice not having to open a ton of tabs just to get to dynalist

you can swap out the vivaldi icon you see on the taskbar and have it show the dynalist icon as well :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is a rough ETA on this?

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I found moo.do when I was looking for an alternative to Workflowy about a year ago. Even though it was more capable than Workflowy with Calendar integration, natural language processing (IIRC), the lack of bullet points and a couple other reasons I cant recall made me put it on hold and I decided to check later on.

I like Dynalist and dont have a major problem with it but paned interface is really important function to have for better productivity. I checked moo.do again yesterday and now its even more capable and it seems like their user base got much larger as well. I also found a new one called notion.so, another similar app which also offers split screen and bunch of other features.

I hope Dynalist gets it soon as well.

by the way, I couldn’t figure this out. Is there a way for vivaldi to automatically open a split tile stack when you run the program at start?

I just want to turn on PC, click vivaldi icon, automatically open up 2 pages in splitstack mode. As of now I just bookmark it and then do it manually

It looks like Firefox will be getting a tile view soon so it may not be necessary to develop this feature.

There are extensions for almost all the browser which offers this kind of tile view. Main problem is the lists being separate and not allowing drag & drop etc. Check moo.do to see how it suppose to be.


Sorry, there’s no rough ETA on this. Hopefully we can get to it by end of 2018 or something.

Right now our focus is improving mobile, since the mobile experience is worse than desktop/web, by a lot. I hope that’s understandable!

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That counts for a rough estimate for me :slight_smile: Thank you Erica.

Just yesterday I posted a thread about speed issues on iPad so yes, I can understand mobile performance being priority :smiley:

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