Can’t open breadcrumb in new tab

Steps to reproduce

  1. Zoom into some document (e.g., into item Baz of item Bar of document Foo)
  2. Cmd-Click (or Ctrl-Click on Windows) on a breadcrumb (e.g., on the ‘Bar’ part in the ‘Foo > Bar > Baz’ navigation line)

Expected result

Breadcrumb opens in new tab. Current tab doesn’t change.

Actual result

Breadcrumb is navigated to in current tab. A new tab is not opened.




Can confirm. cc @Erica

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Can reproduce.

yeah, interesting. I thought you’d gone for just a plain <a href> bar here but you seem to be using JS.

Besides opening in a new tab, right-click Copy URL is priceless. Provides a quick copy & paste link

For my purposes a Copy Link, like we have for bullets, works but I think it’s always nice to work from the ground up. <a href> for plain HTML work, then layer JS on top of that.


This was linked to in a recent reply and it should be a simple fix that adds a lot of productivity for some people.

Bumped it up in our todo list!

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