Spellcheck stopped working on Mac Desktop version

Steps to reproduce

Just open the program and start typing. Misspelled words are no longer flagged. This did work, but recently stopped working.

Expected result

Misspelled words would be flagged.
Right clicking on word would bring up spellcheck menu

Actual result

Misspelled words are not flagged.


Macbook Pro
Mojave 10.14.1
Desktop version: 1.1.14

Additional information

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Additional comments

Thanks for digging up this bug for us.

We found the root of the issue and it has to do with iOS’s language settings not having “en_US”, rather it just has “en”.
So for now, choose “English” instead of “English (United States)” in the language selection to have spellchecker work again.

We’ll work on a fix for this as soon as we can :+1:. Thanks!

Thanks for your quick response. I will give that a try. By the way, what is EN_CA in the languages?

That worked. Thanks!