Spell Check Language Resets to English (United States) upon every Restart

Steps to reproduce

Set spell check language to anything other than English (United States) and restart Windows or Mac desktop version

Expected result

Spell check language should remain on en_GB (or anything else).

Actual result

Language resets to English (United States)


Windows 10, Mac OS (most recent), and Android app

Additional information

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Additional comments

I can’t repro, unfortunately. Do you close the app immediately after you set the spellchecking language? Giving it a few seconds might help :slight_smile:

Hi Erica,

Thanks for trying to repo. Have confirmed that the language resets whether it’s shutdown after a few seconds, a few hours, or a few days. This has persisted for me across multiple updates too, and a move from standard to Pro. Is there an account- rather than a local-setting that I’m missing that’s overwriting the language set on each of my devices perhaps?

This should be a synced setting across all your devices.

Just to make sure, you’re connected to the internet, right?

Indeed. This is certainly quirky but I can live with it of course, definitely not an app-breaking problem.

Thanks for being so understanding! We’ll look into it and update you here.

So it’s suddenly hit me why this is happening - I use Dynalist on both a Windows at home and a Mac at work, and each app has a different list of spell checker languages, likely decided by the dictionaries installed on the OS. When I set the language on Windows to English (United Kingdom), this change isn’t synced to my Mac because the equivalent there is en_GB. When it can’t find the same language dictionary it reverts back to English (United States)… and then resets the Windows language when manually set to en_GB on the Mac.

Interesting problem, maybe not one that can be fixed by Dynalist though?

Oh that sounds like a plausible explanation.

While we don’t have a fix for it now, we have some plans to improve on settings sync, where the app would have “local” overrides for the platform only, which isn’t synced. This is more commonly requested for things like font size overrides, but I can see it as a solution for your case. Stay tuned!