Spell check doesn't work on linux desktop app (ubuntu 18.04)

Steps to reproduce

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Install desktop app
  • Enable spell check
  • type something with a mistake

Expected result

  • Underline wrong error with red
  • Provide right words on right click menu

Actual result

No underline


ubuntu 18.04
Dynalist desktop app for Linux
Nothing else

Could you open developer tools (View -> Toggle developer tools -> Console tab) and show us what it says all the way at the beginning?

It should say “Spellchecker successfully loaded.”

If not, it might have some kind of error that could help us know why it’s not working.

@Shida Here is messages

Spellcheck: Loading dictionary en-US from <home path>/.config/Dynalist/dynalist/dictionaries/en-us.bdic
main.min.js:1 Spellchecker successfully loaded.
main.min.js:1 Desktop environment initialized. Data folder:  <home path>/.config/Dynalist/dynalist
main.min.js:1 OFFLINE ENABLED
main.min.js:1 Spellcheck: Load dictionary success
main.min.js:1 Spellcheck: Initializing dictionary (size=446149)

Weird that seems to suggest it should be working… I’ll get a linux rig later to test.

Can confirm it’s not working even if it seems to say everything is fine. I’m investigating why it’s happening.

Found out why, it will be fixed in the next update!

@Shida Thank you! This will help a lot!

Hi @Shida
I see fixed badge here. But still have this issue.
That was fixed internally and not been released yet?
Or I need manually update application somehow?

My bad, we were going to release the desktop app on the weekend but we haven’t done so yet.
Someone seems to have run into a performance issue with our deployment to the web app so we’re trying to investigate and get that fixed before we deploy that to the desktop app.
You should see it fixed once there’s a version update (hamburger menu > about).

@Shida Works good now! Thank you!