Sorting/moving items doesn’t "sync" to different browser

hi everyone & dynalist,

using firefox ESR and waterfox (on windows 10) as my main desktop browser usually, i noticed some “sync discrepancies” between the desktop sort order and the one on android (within the app, which basically is chrome webview, as far as i know).

i move items around a lot (using the “swap with previous/next” hotkeys) and everything LOOKS great in firefox, but “out of order” in any/all other browser(s) after a while. i’ve made a short demo video (right side firefox, editing a list, sorting items around just for the sake of it / left side chrome, showing what i mean after a few seconds).

(the embedded video doesn’t seem to work unfortunately - .mp4 here it is, remove the space in front of the extension please …)

it starts (in the video) from 20 sec or so, can’t tell exactly because of the “sync-lag”, but you’ll see what i mean. the items STAY in the correct order (for me, on firefox) and also in the wrong order (on chrome or in the app) afterwards. after a few days of using a desktop browser my lists on the app/android look basically completely different than before. :confused:

the order can be “fixed” though be cutting everything, waiting for sync (empty list) and then pasting it back in again (end of clip), but i don’t see this as a “solution”, to be honest.

let me know if you need any more details or whatever i can provide …

thanks in advance!,
~ f.

Sounds similar to Item order sometimes changes after syncing, but thanks for the video, it’s clearer to see it now.

@Shida will take a look at this soon and let you know, sorry about that!

I’ve been able to reproduce this issue and make a fix for it! Thanks for the detailed video.

The bug seems to happen specifically when an item is moved and another item is deleted, which causes the sorting algorithm to improperly sort the list of changed items.

My patch will land in a few days to the webapp and in the next release cycle for desktop and mobile apps. Thanks again for catching this!

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thanks so much. i’ll wait a bit before getting too happy – as in my case & the example i posted i actually never deleted anything, only moved/switched items, so i’m not completely sure we’re talking about the same bug here, but … fingers crossed, i’ll let you know when it disappeared.

@frank1: the fix is now in the web app, I hope it has stopped happening for you!

i’m afraid it didn’t. still happening just as before, after a few “rearrangements” in one browser i see a messed up (different) order in the other browser (and in the android app). :frowning:

Hmm, we did repro the issue you reported, isolated one action that caused the displacement, and confirmed our fix made it go away. Maybe there’s more to the problem than we thought then.

If you still experience this on the latest versions of Dynalist (it’s not in the Android app yet, you can get the latest web app by simply refreshing), could you please do another screen recording so that we can repro it? Thanks!

oh wow – yes, indeed, just tested with firefox <-> chrome on the desktop and was NOT able te reproduce it again. here i though that the app on android would “just” be the same as chrome/webview (and i assumed the problem itself still exists because i DO have that bug in android), but … your explanation makes sense in a way. looking forward to seeing it fixed in the app then, and THANKS so much! :slight_smile:

Phew, thanks so much for testing it for us, I thought we missed something. Sounds like the Android issue could be fixed too. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for next mobile release!