Sort documents by name within a folder in sidebar tree view

On the left hand side of the screen where folders and documents are listed, I often find myself wanting subitems (representing documents) to be in a particular order; often alphabetical.

While I’m aware I can drag and drop them, I’d really like a right click option on the parent folder with the entry “sort children documents by name”.


I see, should be convenient if you really like ordered things. Please like it or document if you’d like to have this too!

I would like this as well. One place it would be especially nice is a folder I keep of notes on books that I read. Very convenient to have these sorted to be easy to find later.

Bumping this one. As an example, I have a folder with many documents, one for each person at work with whom I have a recurring 1:1 meeting. I like to have everything in alphabetical order, but especially things like this - very easy to find a name in an ordered list. Not super tedious to maintain manually, but would be great to have an auto option.