Snooze tasks until a certain date or time

I treat my ToDo list similar to my email in which I try to get to “ToDo list zero” for the day. This means, at any given time, I would like to see my current tasks for the day and “hide” tasks I will do in the future (say tasks for next weekend). Dynalist currently does not let me do this, meaning I have to put my weekend todos in different documents which is difficult to manage and easy to lose sight of. My current fix for this is that I take the future task, delete the task from dynalist, schedule send an email to myself on Gmail for a day before the actual day of the task and then re-add the task to dynalist whent the scheduled email arrives.

It would be great if dynalist pro had a feature which allowed you to “snooze” tasks which makes them disappear and then reappear on the date you snoozed them for.

A calendar integration does not really solve this for me since I have several to dos for most days which are not linked to a specific time and setting like 5+ all-day reminders on Google Calendar is not a good solution.

Example: I will go home for the christmas holiday and I need to bring my snowboard gear back with me. I would like the add that as a todo item but, as to not crowd my todo list, I want it to be hidden until the 16th of Decemeber, at which point I go home for the holidays.

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@dynalist developers - an easy solution for this would be to hook into the currently available scheduling for items (i.e. the calendar popup which comes up when you type “!”). You could use that information to do something like…
if ( > new Date()) {
display = true
else {
display = false

Or something like that. Overall, give that this date attribute already exists, it should be possible to create an option in settings for users to toggle on or off if they want “future items” to be shown or hidden.

I was just thinking today that this would be really nice feature!

How amazing that only hours prior, @Leonhard_Soenke posted this exact feature request!

Just about EVERY list / document I have (at all nest levels) would benefit immensely from this feature.

Dynalist is a super program, but the lists can quickly become overwhelming as there is no mechanism for ‘kicking the can down the road’.

Extra credit would be some indication of how long an item has been sleeping. This would allow you to realize “huh, I’ve been snoozing that idea for 8 months, should probably just delete it…”

I can attest to having lists and lists of items that are older than 8 months. But they look identical to other items that are brand new and currently very important.

Adding this snooze mechanism would effectively allow creating extremely flexible spaced repition systems. IMO this could be a ‘killer’ feature.

For further reading, see: this interesting Andy Matuschak article on snoozing inboxes


Have you tried to use dates and the search filters. You can bookmark them to have the filter at hand. This worked for me! However another view option would make it even more easy, of course.

-has:date or until:5d

Genius. I was about to write my own chrome plugin for this. A bit of a workaround with the bookmarks (I don’t really use bookmarks, just type “d” in the searchbar and enter) but it definitely does the job.

Working with dynalist as it is today, my workflow to “snooze”, is to type a !(date) on it and move to a “Snoozed” (calendar) node. Your google calendar will automatically email it to you when the snooze is up. And if I just want to shove an item to the back of the line, I move to the parent item it’s already in, which sends it to the bottom of the list (as thats my move setting).

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