Slow typing on iPhone app

Steps to reproduce

Open the iOS app and start typing. The speed with which the letters appear and are typed on the screen is much much slower than the speed at which you type. This is extremely irritating.

Expected result

Letters should appear as you type them, just like typing in any other app

Actual result

The letters should be typed and appear with significant delay.


Operating system: iOS 13.1.2 - iPhone 8
Dynalist version: 1.4.0
No third party scripts used.

Additional comments

I would upload a screen recording but my iPhone does not have that functionality

I think we’ve seen that reported a few times before. Do you happen to have a lot of documents, or is the document you’re working on quite big in size? And if you keep the app open for a few minutes, does the performance improve when you type or is it consistently slow?
I ask because there’s a boot up process during which your documents loads in the background, and depending on how much data you have, it might have an impact on your current working document.

Let me know!

I have quite a few documents and the document is relatively big so yes that might be the reason. I have not tried keeping the app open for a while. The problem is, when I think of something for my to-do list, I will take my phone out and write it down. Waiting a few minutes and keeping the app open is not really an option.

Also what do you mean the document “loads in the background”? Does that refer to syncing when connected to the internet?
Its come to the point that I write my to-dos in the notes app (where you can type normally) and then pasting it into my dynalist when I get home which is not ideal.

I understand, just trying to ask a few debugging questions to figure out what’s making your app slow to work with.

Could you try to make a smaller document, open that by default on your phone, and see if that performs faster when you need to write things down quickly? I’m mostly interested in whether there is a performance for your device.