Slight delays and bursts when typing on keyboard

Steps to reproduce

Type text and notice consistency of latency for characters to appear on the screen

Expected result

Smooth consistent quick appearance of characters after each keystroke. This is not a major issue, but for me detracts a lot from the product, as I do not need any distractions of sub-optimal experience when writing with it.

Actual result

Although most of the time it is ok, every now and then there is a slight delay (quite small but there) then burst while typing.


latest Chrome on latest MacOS

I have seen this caused by some Chrome extensions, because a lot of them inject their own javascript into every website you visit, and some aren’t optimized very well. They might be modifying every div tag with every keystroke or something dumb like that, and Dynalist has a lot of divs. To know for sure, try dynalist in an incognito window, assuming all your extensions are disabled in incognito. Is there a difference? I personally have never experienced lag that I remember - I too value snappiness as a top feature, and Dynalist is snappy. If Dynalist ever got less snappy I would be upset. Not to spook you, but another thing that causes this symptom is trojan viruses - I once got infected with a keylogger and the only sympton was delay and spurt of keystrokes.

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No, it is not that - I have tried it on multiple computers experiencing constant exhibition of the problem. I then moved to the Mac Desktop application with the same experience. The problem is very subtle and the delay is very short. I would bet the that synchronisation code is getting blocked for a short time, as it seems to be related to the sync icon doing its work. As a comparison typing into this text box in the forum is super consistent and so for google etc etc and many other apps. I believe it is a coding inefficiency. I hope it can be looked at and addressed, as this can become an irritation. Is anyone else noticing this small glitch? Maybe it is something to do with my account specifically , as e.g. the Iphone app has never worked for me, but seems to work for others…

I am starting to notice this same problem on my Windows laptop. It is worse in the Dynalist Windows app, but still noticeable in the Dynalist Chrome app. (It is most disruptive when I make a typo, and I have to wait after backspacing to see if I’ve deleted the right number of characters.)

I believe it has to do with the size of the document. Several months ago I started keeping all my notes in one document, to prevent internal links from breaking when I occasionally reorganize my notes. Now this main document (where I had been noticing the typing delay) has become quite large. When I switched to a much smaller document, the typing delay basically disappeared, even in the Dynalist Windows app. When I returned to the main document, the delay returned.

This makes me concerned about the sustainability of Dynalist as a notes repository. I am becoming increasingly dependent on it, including on its internal linking capability, and yet as my main document grows it is becoming increasingly slow. To split apart the document into multiple documents would cause many internal links to break, with no automatic way of repairing them.

Is either of these issues – the typing delay within large documents or the ability to reorganize notes across documents without breaking internal links – likely to be addressed in the relatively near future?

If not, can anyone suggest workarounds? (short of breaking my notebook back into multiple documents, avoiding cross-document links, and hoping to avoid further reorganization)

I am in the same predicament. Dynalist is a fantastic app, so I am increasingly committing to it for critical work. I fervently hope that there is positive growth of its user base and the resulting commercial success which will fund progress of enterprise capabilities like 24/7 support, constant bug fixing and finalization of table stakes features like scalability.

I’ve tried all the apps and Dynalist has the most potential. It needs a way to find a wider audience.

I am still experience lag on Dynalist. This is quite apparent on the desktop version while using Chrome and Google meet at the same time. Tried to use it for meeting minutes, but the lag is so visible that it makes it unpleasant to use. Meet uses a lot of CPU, so my assumption is that this is making the problem much more visible. It is generally fine but every couple seconds goes into a “burst” and I am locked out for 200-300 ms … maybe something to do with the syncing.

Thanks for the follow up. We’re investigating a chrome issue recently related to performance, may I ask if you can test on a different browser, such as Firefox? We’ve noticed that for some reason Chrome is performing somewhat poorly when running Dynalist and we’re still trying to figure out why.