Slack integration

Slack integration seems like a pretty natural WIN


+1 would love to know when I have set a deadline on something to notify me in slack that it is due.

You can probably do it via IFTTT.

Dynalist Pro > sync to dedicated google calendar > IFTTT event trigger by google calendar > IFTTT slack notification

I personally don’t understand these integration requests. I use Slack. It never remotely occurred to me to have DynaList directly connect. If I want to communicate information from here to there, copy-paste.

I also don’t use slack notifications, certainly not time-generated ones. Is there like this whole workflow facility to slack that I’m ignorant of?

But I guess my question is not slack-specific. I struggle to find use for IFTTT. I get the use-case of transferring info from a mic to a notebook, but besides that, what’s the drive for automatic connection from A to B about?

My organization uses Dynalist for standing meetings. Each meeting has a corresponding Slack channel for all participants to keep everyone in the loop between regular meetings. Agendas, meeting notes and action items are regularly captured in Dynalist during a meeting. And Dynalists are modified in between the meetings.

There are a LOT of possible integrations here… but the most basic one would be to make the extended link text smarter when a dynalist URL is shared. Today, when I share any Dynalist URL in Slack, it looks like this:

If Dynalist was authenticated into Slack, the title of that note with a few of the bullets below it could be a lot more informative.