Simple voice additions to Dynalist on iOS

Knowing this has been requested for some time, it seems like it may never arrive as it must be down the priorities list for the developers (due respect to them).
I’ve spent a good amount of time looking for a way to do the following:

Hey Siri: Dynalist Mow the Lawn.

Nothing more. Nothing less. No having to click buttons, find menu items, hit send, add body and subject separately to an email. Essentially a mirror of the simplicity when doing:

Hey Siri: Remember to Mow the Lawn.

I’ve tried an app called EmailMe which was pretty buggy and required separate entry of subject and body in emails but again is just too many operations.

IFTTT and other workarounds are too complex and still don’t provide the simplicity.

Does anyone know of another iOS app that can reduce the sending of a single subject line (without dealing with the body) to Dynalist?