Simple formulas




I love this idea!

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That’s good, I’m happy to contribute! :partying_face:

This sounds incredibly useful, I really hope they add this!

Just wanted to add I think sum is definitely the most important one but would also love to see average, and maybe also weighted average or some way to achieve that same goal. Something similar to how you do spreadsheet formulas in google sheets and excel would be ideal.

And of course it would take into account all of the formulas within it too as well as direct numbers. So if you wanted to do, say, an average of a set of sums of a set of numbers each, that would be possible.

This would be great for keeping track of grades on assignments or bank records, just to name a couple examples I would totally use.

Really hope dynalist sees this and makes it a thing, this is quite probably the biggest feature that’s missing and would be incredibly useful!