Show tags differently in tag pane if all occurrences have been completed

The tag browser is a very useful feature. If there is a tag that has all the items checked, and there is another tag that has all or few items unchecked. Currently, there is no way to discern between them visually.

My request is to add such a feature. If a competed tag can get a strikethrough line over it in the tag browser, it would be enough for my use case.

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Personally, I don’t like how tags are ordered to include checked items.

If a tag has 1 unchecked item, and another has 2 checked items, you see the fully-checked-off tags at the top of the list. But who wants that? It should number by unchecked items only and give two numbers (1,0) or (0,2).

However, I just run “Delete checked items” to fix the issue. I don’t care to keep record of the past.

Could you tell me a little more about your use case? Sounds like you’re trying to look up counts of checked vs unchecked items, but I’m not sure how strongly it relates to the tag pane.

Would like to hear more about the problem; for now what I’m seeing a proposed solution.

@Erica, I have a couple of projects. Some get their documents. Most get into a single “Projects” file. I organize my tasks using tags like soon, high-priority, back-burner etc.

Some tags are specific to projects like feature-billing-reminder or add-script.

Navigating articles through documents or bookmarks pane is not efficient for me. But the tags feature is handy. Via tags browser, I can see which tasks I have to handle immediately and which I can put off, etc.

If I have a way to filtering out tags that are complete, it will make navigation via tags more efficient.

Sounds like you’re trying to look up counts of checked versus unchecked items, but I’m not sure how strongly it relates to the tag pane.

No. I am looking for a strike-through on completed tags. Counts feature would be useful, but it would still require me to do filtering mentally.

What @BigChungus has suggested would also be useful as long as I can get visually easy to see an indicator of done vs. undone tags.

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Sorry for the late reply, thanks for your explanation, I think I understand it much better now. I agree that I don’t see any workaround to this.

I edited the title and we’ll see if any other users are interested in having this as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi @Erica,

In my adventures migrating my to-do list to Dynalist, I thought I’d throw in my two cents.

Use case: I use several tags to denote priority or actions in my to-do list. For example @person or #!!! for high priority. I then want to use the side panel to filter by tasks pertinent to that context.

Issue: In current state, if I complete an item the tag still appears in the side tag panel. This can lead to undesired behaviour - let’s say I filter on the tag “Priority 1”. There may be no uncompleted tasks with this priority, so the tag counter is inaccurate, and the list of tags is unnecessarily long since I don’t really have any P1 tasks.

Desired Behaviour: have the tag panel count only uncompleted tags.

I do appreciate Dynalist isn’t “meant” to be a to-do list manager, but it works so darned well as one most of the time that this would be a game changer for me!