Show/hide file pane and bookmark bar keyboard shortcuts not reassigning properly

Steps to reproduce

Reassign show/hide file pane and bookmark bar keyboard shortcuts in settings.

Expected result

The new keyboard shortcuts work on all my computers.

Actual result

When I move to a different computer, the new keyboard shortcut doesn’t work and the old one does, even though the new shortcut is displayed in the list of shortcuts. When I reassign the keyboard shortcut again to some random thing then assign it back to my preferred keyboard shortcut, it now works (and the original keyboard shortcut stops working, like it should).


Chrome, Windows 10 and Linux

Additional information

I actually had one keyboard shortcut do two things at once. I reassigned ctrl + shift + f to search (because I use ctrl+f for my browser’s search, and reassigned show/hide file pane to ctrl+alt+f. When I hit ctrl+shift+f the Dynalist search came up and the file pane also toggled.

I am not sure precisely how to reproduce this bug and whether it’s entirely caused by using two different computers, but that’s my impression based on it popping up the last couple of days on both my work and home computers.

Additional comments

This is a minor bug, since I can eventually work around it by reassigning the keyboard shortcuts on each computer, but it was definitely confusing!

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Yes, I agree! I’ll test on two clients and see if I can reproduce it.

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It now appears this isn’t related to switching computers; it’s just something that happens each time Dynalist loads.

Whenever I close the Dynalist tab and then open a new Dynalist tab, the “show file pane” and “show bookmarks” have reset themselves to the default ctrl+shift+f/b , and I can’t make them stay my preferred ctrl+alt+f/b by jiggling stuff around as I originally thought.

So your custom shortcut works immediately after you set them, but not after a refresh?

With that information it’s gonna be easy to solve it.

So your custom shortcut works immediately after you set them, but not after a refresh?

Yup, that’s right.

Cool, got it! :thumbsup:

It looks like this is working now. Thanks!

Weird, we didn’t do anything to fix it. Glad to know it works now though! :smiley: