Show article view as default when someone that (are logged or not) reading the lists via shared link

I use Dynalist to record my work log , and often share my log via public link to my colleagues.
But they told the default view looks weird (or a little clutter),that disappointted me, till I opend a shared link myself ,and I agree with my colleagues .
So,how about show the public page like this?

  1. the web page open via public link is just what the auther set in his/her account (the font /font size/ list density/theme etc ,not include the customer CSS)
  2. or make the shared link open the document in article view as default, will be much pertty and reader-friendly.

I presonaly prefer the sencod one.

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I think this falls under a big issue, which is that how documents are displays is dependent on your preferences right now, and these preferences aren’t shared with the anonymous viewer, so they get the default preferences, so to speak.

However, I think a person doesn’t always want other people to see what he is seeing. For example, he might have certain conditions that might not apply to other people (like a large screen size or not being able to read small text).

Ideally, we’d like to give the owner of the document more fine control over how the document should be displayed to other users. Article view is a very specific solution to this general issue, and I’m afraid it’s not the best solution. Thanks for your feature request though! I hope we can sort out this issue soon.

Thanks for the reply
yeah,it better to have a flexible sulution
hope for the future steps :grinning:

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Thanks for being so understanding!

Hi there! I’m also looking for an option to share a document in article layout. One possible solution could be to set the preferred layout when generating the link. Or maybe a default layout setting per document? Thanks a lot!

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The same: I want to share some Dynalist files as Articles (with pre-defined Article layout even for anonymous viewers). Can I do that?