Shortcut to navigate between documents

I want to be able to quickly flip through the documents I have in my open folder - in the same way I flip through my browser tabs with ctrl+tab, or through open windows with cmd+tab

I’m assuming this exists already, since pretty much every program with a bar showing multiple pages allows you to navigate between them from the keyboard…

I think cmd+o is going to be your best bet.


There’s no equivalent of Ctrl+Tab in Dynalist, unfortunately, since Dynalist doesn’t have the concept of tabs. Technically you only have one document open at a time.

The quickest way to toggle between a few documents is with the backward/forward shortcuts. Or you could use the Ctrl+O shortcut too.

What are the backward / forward shortcuts

The usual ones you use to navigate webpages if you’re on a browser. Alt+Left/Right if you’re on the Windows/Linux app.

Are there mac shortcuts?

None of the usual ones seem to be responsive - CTR + tab, CMD + shift + [, CMD + alt + arrows

On Mac, for some reason the menu option works, but the shortcuts we assigned doesn’t work (Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right).

You might look at SteerMouse and, depending on what kind of mouse you have, enable buttons for Forward and backward in your browser. Or use Keyboard Maestro to program keystrokes to trigger menu actions. Just checked. Seems that Cmd - arrow keys works for me on my iMac in Chrome for forward-backward. Hmmm.

It doesn’t work inside the Mac desktop app though, and that’s the part that concerns us :frowning:

And good point about the mouse macro part. That’s what I’m doing too. Although I know it’s not doable for all mouses, it’s so convenient I can’t imagine going backward/forward in other any way now I’ve got used to this method.