Shortcut for creating a new file?

Is there a quick way to create a new file when the file pane is collapsed? I often work with it closed, and if I want to quickly make a new file I have to 1) toggle the file pane, 2) click the + icon for creating a new file, and then 3) collapse the file pane again.

I see a couple of requests on the forum for a new file keyboard shortcut, so I assume there still isn’t one. Is there another way to quickly create a new file—maybe by a URL scheme?

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Keyboard shortcuts for a new file or new folder are so basic that I can’t use the program without them–too cumbersome. It’s too bad because I otherwise like Dynalist a lot.

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I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I disagree with them even allowing multiple documents in the first place. Dynalist was a clone of Workflowy, where the entire universe was one document. You can’t make a second document in workflowy. The first level of nodes splits the universe up into what is traditionally thought of as documents. Then you branch deeper and deeper from there. It’s a paradigm shift in thinking, but IMO it should be forced on the user, rather than allowing them to think in the document paradigm and then realize a ton of features just don’t work well that way. The developers went all-out with the documents paradigm with Obsidian, and there it works really well. In Dynalist, I really recommend people start thinking in terms of a single document unless you don’t have the RAM. My 2 cents.