Short URLs - no need to type https:// each time

Hi all,

First time posting a Feature Request.

I noticed that while using Dynalist, short url’s are recognized as web links, but they won’t be recognized if there is no https:// in front of it. Can I request to make Short URLs recognized as links, without having to type in https:// each time? This is a function that is available in Workflowy and is quite convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

For example, short URL to : is recognized as a link (underlined). However, is recognized as text only, not a link.

I hope I’ve made myself clear.


Thanks for the feature request.

Have you considered doing [link]( instead? Or is that too much trouble? You can use the Ctrl+K shortcut too.

Thanks I will use that as a workaround. For the time being I changed the shortcut generator to include the https://