Shift-enter should behave the same as Enter if the cursor is already in a note

Steps to reproduce

  • Move the cursor into the middle of a note.
  • Press shift-enter.

Expected result

  • Same as enter. Starts a new line in the note with cursor positioned at the beginning of the new line. Also same behaviour as most text editors.

Aside: Why do I press shift-enter instead of enter, you may ask? It’s just force of habit from adding notes to nodes all the time. When I want a new line rather than a new node, I tend to press shift-enter whether I’m editing the node or the note.

Actual result

  • Note collapses. Frustrating when editing large (multi-screen) notes.
  • Cursor gets positioned at the end of the node.
  • I kick myself and curse silently (depending who’s around) for repeating the same mistake for the 1000th time.

Aside: Pressing shift-enter again does re-expand the note but with the cursor positioned at the end of the note, losing my place.


Ubuntu / Chrome

This is not a bug, shift+enter moves your focus between the note and the main node, back and forth as is intended (and is my preference). It would be awesome if the cursor went back to the same position though … I do also generally agree that working with big notes could be improved in dynalist - I like this guys suggestion of an optional separate pane:

I agree with @Stephen_Dewitt : I like the current behavior of using Shift-Enter to jump back and forth between the note and the title.

I agree that it would be nice if Dynalist remembered the cursor’s location in the note.

Point taken. I see in the shortcuts & formatting pane that shift-enter is described as “Move between item & note”. I can’t dispute that that’s what it does. I notice it is also the behaviour in Workflowy. My personal preference would be that it only moves from item to note and not the other way but I suspect I am in the minority.

Please disregard the request. I will add a separate feature request for restoring the previous cursor position when using shift-enter to toggle back to the most recently active item or note.

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