Shift-enter in the middle of a line should move the remaining text into a note

Steps to reproduce

  • In a new bullet on the outline, enter a line of text
  • Move the cursor to the middle of the line
  • Press Shift-Enter

Expected result

The remainder of the line to the right of the cursor would be moved into the new note, analogous to how pressing enter alone moves the remainder of the line to a new bullet

Actual result

A blank note was started


Mac desktop app and web app

I don’t want this personally sorry, I like to be able to go to the note from anywhere - how often do you really want this function?

I’m also not a fan of this.

What about CTRL + SHIFT + END to select the text, CTRL + X to cut, then SHIFT + ENTER and CTRL + V to paste.

You can put something like that into a keyboard macro.