Sharing of items in a list

Currently only complete lists can be shared. But often I have a list for a project and need to share some child-items (e.g. meeting notes) to some people.


There’s no short-term plan to do this, but you can vote for it here:

sorry to be asking about this here, but is there some sort of rough estimate on it?

This is really the only thing I miss from WorkFlowy. It would be so awesome to be able to share certain items with clients.


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No worries, I understand you really want this.

Unfortunately there’s no estimate on this and we haven’t started working on it. We still encourage people to put what they want to share in a separate document, just like how most other editors work.

Most likely we will only work on it when the core product is polished to a point there’s no major complaints, so there’s quite a lot to be done before that happens.

Thanks for getting back to me. Totally understandable : )

I’m making due with printing relevant items to PDF for now, as I find that making items into separate documents creates too much clutter for me

I see. From my experience of hearing from our users, it’s a preference thing – some feel that the document structure makes navigation easier, whereas some think it adds too many clutter.

If you’re the latter type, my best advice is to hide the left pane to reduce visual clutter and try to use file finder to jump between documents and bookmarks. You could also use internal links to point to the shared document, as if it’s a sub-bullet. If those still can’t reduce the feeling of clutter, I’m out of ideas. Hopefully maybe one of those ideas might help you!

Just adding my two cents that if this is still on the table at any point in the future I’m in the camp that would really appreciate it. At this point it is the primary issue preventing me from switching over from Workflowy.

P.S. I clicked on the link to the Trello discussion that @Erica provided earlier in this conversation in order to vote for it. But I’m gathering that these types of talks have been moved from Trello to here, is that right?)

Hi @Erica ,
Dose this feature still on the table?
the Trello card is about 210 votes yet.
It will be a wonderful feature for the ones who keep lists in less documents.

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I voted to the trello feature :wink:

However I would like to add a point: I create a document and share it. Then it could just be viewed or edited as a whole.

I need to view-share a document to a collaborator. But I only want him to edit a special part of the document (lets say a special item including subitems).

This would give a more fine granular sharing and collaborating possibilities.

For me it is a problem especially because you cannot really see what changes other made. So I need to have control over my document when sharing. And I also want to avoid some copy back and forth for sharing an extracted document.