Sharing Navigation Limitations -Can we get better support for Sharee's?

When someone receives a shared document-link, if they click on anything like a tag, a bullet/line item, link or whatever, there are no controls for them to intuitively either

  • navigate back to where they were (back/forward buttons)
  • Strikethis*: see a breadcrumb to where they are/went
  • have access to tags in the shared doc (like sidebar).

StrikeThis*: I cannot even reliably place any notes into a note field in hopes they will see them because they seem to be off by default for sharee’s.

*Sometimes they’re there (notes/crumbs), and sometimes not. I don’t know if its a browser thing or what, but I will assume the features exist now that I have seen it occasionally. I left the remark in here for posterity.

UPDATE: So its about Navigation Buttons and Tags, not the other things…

I think NavButtons and Tag Selection are necessary features for sharee- recipients to be able to intuitively navigate; otherwise one must pollute space with explainations for how-to/what-to do.
{I.e., In order to share like this, you have to include all sorts of instructions just so they can feel the darn list might be useful.}

Sorry, but I find this so hampering and annoying.
Is there anything in the works for adding some navigation buttons (back/forward) and tags access enhancements for shared docs?

I think Dynalist really needs this.

(Sorry to be whiney about it -I am dealing with really lower-brained people, and this just makes it so convoluted and difficult to try to share a simple something with someone without tedium and messing up lists.)

Updated to reflect discovering sometimes breadcrumbs and/or notes show, so we’ll assume they should do by default.