Shared link should be accessible to the public and not require the use of an account

I’d like to collaborate with people who don’t use Dynalist. I won’t impose things on them because I don’t like it when it’s done to me, so if they are required to create an account to use my shared list, then I will simply find a different way to collaborate.

You’re missing out on adoption by doing things this way because if it were zero friction, I’d send out shared links to people and they’d get to play with the product and get a taste of it. Some of them will start using it themselves if they liked it beyond our one-time collaborative task.

I ended up sending them a link to a shared Workflowy instead of Dynalist simply because of this difference.

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That’s already the case.

My shared links all go straight to editing, in a fresh incognito session, same as workflowy.

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Ah, you’re right. I was confused by the UI. I thought checking off “anyone with the link can view” would remove edit rights and leave just viewing rights. Once I checked off that box, now I see that it makes it public, and then the edit checkbox grants edit rights too.

So, the UI could maybe benefit from relabeling or a better explanation. The one checkbox that is first visible should make it clearer that you’re toggling between account required versus whole world.

Yeah, we labelled the first part as “Share via link”, which we thought obviously meant “share with the public via a link”, whereas the second part labelled as “Manage collaborators” is for account required collaboration. No link is required here – when you add some one, they receive an invite and upon acceptance, the document is automatically added to their Dynalist for view or edit.

We’ll think about how to explain things better. Sorry for the confusion!

Updated the share dialog. Hope it’s clearer now.