Shared docs not completely synced to Google Calendar (only Pro subscribers' activities)

Steps to reproduce

I (user P) have a Dynalist Pro subscription and using that, syncing my document to Google Calendar works flawlessly. Now I do the following:

  1. Share the document to another Dynalist user F, who is on the free plan.
  2. This user F’s edits the document and adds a list item containing a date expression of the usual form !(yyyy-mm-dd).

Expected result

After a few minutes, the item created by user F appears as event in the Google Calendar selected as sync target by user P.

This is expected because the user interface talks about syncing a document to Google Calendar, not a single user’s activities. That this is the intention of this feature is apparent from the fact that when setting up the connection to Google Calendar, the first sync will synchronize all existing items with dates, irrespective of which user created them.

Actual result

The list item created by user F is not synced to Google Calendar.

Not event after user P (the Pro subscriber) adds other items to the same document, which are being synced. User P can see the item created by user F in the Dynalist document, so Dynalist syncing is not a problem.


Chromium 69 on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.

Additional information

The list item created by user F is not even synced to Google Calendar after user P (the Pro subscriber) adds other items with dates to the same Dynalist document, which are being synced to the Calendar.

When doing that, user P can see the item created by user F in the Dynalist document, so Dynalist syncing itself is not a problem.

The only way to force syncing the item created by user F to Google Calendar is when user P edits that item.

Unfortunately, the described behavior renders the Google Calendar sync feature useless for collaboratively edited Dynalist documents :cry: Because there is no way to be sure that all items with dates are synced to Google Calendar, and no simple way to detect which have been synced and which not.

Yes, it does appear that users other than the document owner editing/adding calendar dates does not sync up with the document owner’s Google calendar. For now only dates added by the document’s owner will sync up to the owner’s calendar.

This is not intentional, so thanks for letting us know! I’ll add it to our to-do list. :dizzy_face:

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Thank you for accepting the bug report, @Thao.

I know how working through long issue lists feels but … is there maybe a way how we can speed up the work of fixing this? Does not seem like a complex bug :wink: So for example, if we buy another PRO subscription, could we have this prioritized to be fixed within four weeks? It’s really the last bit we need for Dynalist to fit perfectly into our workflows.


Sorry for unburying this topic. I just stumbled upon it but I’m pretty sure to having seen some other similar topic before.

Anyway, I just started using another DL account recently (which is not Pro but it has a shared list from a Pro account) and noticed that the Calendar sync doesn’t work when editing from the non-Pro account… The only way for it to work is if I logout from the non-Pro account, login directly to the Pro account, and wait for the Calendar sync… This is a bit annoying. It’s not a priority, though, but it would be nice if the Calendar sync happened regardless of which account is currently opened, as long as the shared list is from a Pro account with the Calendar sync enabled.

EDIT: Actually I just re-tested the workaround operation of logging out from one account and logging in in the main one (Pro) and wait for the Calendar sync, but unfortunately this never happened. The already added item - added from the non-Pro account - was obviously there when the main account was opened, but the sync to Google Calendar didn’t happen because the item didn’t have any recent change (on the new session) that could have triggered the sync to Google… Only when there’s any change on its line (again, using a Pro account directly) is that the calendar syncing happens… I was expecting for the usual DL process sync (or a manual Ctrl+S) to be enough for the dates to be synced with the calendar, but I was apparently wrong…

Well, I don’t know anything about the programming inside DL but it seems to be tricky to find a solution to it. Is this something feasible to be addressed, @Erica ?